fredag 9. oktober 2009

This is what KONGSBERG is supplying on all the new, Norwegian frigates


KONGSBERG is supplying sub-systems for the Aegis systems on all the new, Norwegian frigates. The deliveries encompass:
  • An anti-submarine system, where Kongsberg Maritime (KM) is the subcontractor of hull-mounted sonars.
  • An anti-ship system, which encompasses the use of cannon for defence against surface vessels in the vicinity of the frigate and control of the NSM.
  • Parts of the anti-aircraft system
  • Target lighting system for the Sea Sparrow missile
  • Operator consoles
  • Navigation system (KM)
The contract with LM was signed in 2000, and has a scope of approx. NOK 1 billion. Our deliveries will continue until December 2007, and the guarantee period will expire in 2010.

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